Maine Maple Sunday

This Sunday is Maine Maple Sunday. Sugarhouses all across Maine will be opening their doors to visitors. I look forward to this weekend every year. For me it is locavore paradise with more than just one stop on my hunt for fun and good food.

This weekend, I will be going the Bacon Farm in Sidney, visiting Tree Spirits and ending my journey with a Maine sourced brunch at Barrels Community Market in Waterville.

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Bacon Farm to Tree Spirits to Barrels



This won’t be my first visit to the Bacon Farm in Sidney, I have been visiting that Sugarhouse for many years and it is a great experience every time, I highly recommend it.

Here are some pictures from last year…

The instant you walk in, your senses are stimulated with the smells of wood and maple syrup. Once inside, you can ask questions and see the process of making this delectable treat. And, of course, taste the syrup before you buy. I buy enough maple syrup to last me a year. Last year, I tried their maple sugar (which is amazing on sweet potatoes, ham, and in cookies) needless to say I will be buying more of that as well.

Once you have enjoyed your samples from the Bacon Farm, travel down Rte. 23 to see how we turn their amazing syrup into incredible products at Tree Spirits. We have wines, spirits, maple vanilla (my favorite), and a new Sugar Shack Sweet Almond Scrub.

After my stop at Tree Spirits I am off to Barrels Community Market, where they are making brunch from scratch with local ingredients. Last week, I had an omelet with local eggs and spinach. This weekend in honor of Maine Maple Sunday I will be having their Maple Cinnamon Waffle. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

Once I get home I’ll be finishing my day with a glass of Maple Storm.

All three of these stops are open Saturday and Sunday, I hope to see you along the way!




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