Tree Spirits' tasting room is closed except for private tastings and events, but our products can be purchased at the United Farmer's Market in Belfast and at the winery by calling Bruce at 207.861.2723. You can also order many of them online at

Our SubLimes

Initially we made these concoctions just to show customers how easily they could create some fun sparkling sangrias when mixed with our Apple and Pear extra dry sparkling wines. People liked the taste of the subLimes so much they asked why we didn’t bottle them, so we did.

Pear and Pomegranate subLimes are brandy–based fruit drinks made with fruit juices, ginger bitters and organic lime juice. They are go-to fun beverages that can be drunk alone, hot or cold, mixed with white wine or liquor. Try the Pear with Bourbon, or the Pomegranate with Tequila for an easy to make Old Fashioned or a fun Margarita.

We added some sparkle and some wine to the brandy, bitters, lime and pomegranate juices to create a  sparkling sangria we call Pomegranate Spritzer. So, now all you need to add is fruit…or not!

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