wineimage2Maine’s apples and maple syrup are well known for excellent quality and taste. Tree Spirits founder Bruce Olson experimented with apple and maple wines for years prior to starting Tree Spirits. He chose to make sparkling wines because they are fun to drink.

Our Apple and Pear extra dry sparkling wines are not sweet. In fact, they are a lot like prosecco. The Maple demi-sec is sweeter with a subtle maple taste. Like champagne, Tree Spirits sparkling wines should be served cold.

We also make a still wine, Apple Picnic, which is great with fish, chicken, pork and cheese; Maple Storm, a port-like blend of our maple wine and Knotted Maple spirits; and, two subLimes — Pear and Pomegranate to drink by themselves or as a sangria base with wine, sparkling or still.

The Apple Farm in Fairfield supplies us with the cider used to make our pear and apple wines. Their apple cider is made from Macintosh apples combined with a mix of late season varietals such as Permain, Golden Russet and Northern Spy. Macs have a well-balanced flavor profile, both sweet and tart with a hint of bitter. The late apples, sweetened by the frost, add their own complex set of flavors. The cider produced at The Apple Farm doesn’t contain preservatives and we think it’s the best around.

We get our syrup at the Bacon Farm in Sidney. It’s a diversified, family-owned farm and from late winter to early spring their sugar house is filled with the smell of boiling maple sap.

At Tree Spirits we know the people who grow the fruit, press the cider, and tap the trees for our wines. Maine agriculture is experiencing a renaissance driven by the local food movement. We believe this change has just begun and Tree Spirits hopes to grow along with it. Our sparkling wines are the best local alternative to champagne. The judges at the 2011 San Francisco International Wine Competition awarded a double gold medal in the Fruit Wine category to our Apple extra dry and a silver medal to our Maple demi-sec. These awards are proof that we aren’t alone in our belief that you can serve Tree Spirits sparkling wines with hors d’oeuvres, for dinner, at birthday celebrations and weddings with confidence.

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